ONLINE Bronze CErtification & Video Tutorial Package


Receive your complete bronze level certification and get SIC certified. We are including our full video pack tutorial which gives you over 2hrs of HD step by step installation instructions. Questions? ASK US HERE.

ONLINE – Bronze Level Certification Course

The online bronze certification course covers a large amount of information from the beginning to current technologies. We walk you through up to date technologies and teach you how to size a system properly. Once you have completed this course you will be more confident on how to size and sell solar systems in all markets. The course lessons consist of interactive reading and watching videos, followed up with quizzes at the end of each lesson. Once you completed the full course, you can challenge the online test.  The course is approximately 8 hrs based on your learning curve.
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Grid-Tie Installation Tutorial

Get a complete step by step installation walkthrough of our string-inverter and micro-inverter installation. From mounting to inverter we cover it all.

Off-Grid Magnum Installation Tutorial

Get a complete step by step walkthrough on a magnum off-grid installation from beginning to end. High-quality professional close-up shots so you don’t miss anything!

RV Installation Tutorial

This RV tutorial has a ton of information on solar panel installation right down to the inverter and auto transfer switch hook-up. We cover it all in this RV tutorial.

This Course Consists oF:

Bronze level SIC Certification Course – Approximately 8hr course depending on your speed of learning. Can challenge the bronze certification test and become SIC Bronze Certified.
Three Video Tutorials –  Access our three video tutorials that cover all the major markets in the solar industry. Grid-Tie / Off-Grid / RV/Mobile
This course package is an absolute must if you are looking to get serious about solar!

$400 BUY NOW!

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