CSA Solar Course – Nanaimo, BC
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DATE: July 22, 2019 – July 25, 2019
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
LOCATION: Coming Soon


SIC’s CSA course offers industry leading solar training for all knowledge levels and backgrounds!

The SIC CSA course is designed for all skill levels. This course is designed to cover all the essential knowledge in the PV industry. Our team of instructors will teach you how to design a PV array from the ground up. Learn how to identify customers’ needs and what considerations go into installing a system that meets their needs. We cover grid interconnected, stand-alone / off grid and marine/rv systems. This course is taught with all the most current and up to date equipment and techniques. Completion of this course and CSAPV exam (exam only available to registered electrical apprentices or licensed electricians) will provide Canada’s only nationally recognized install certificate.

Come learn with Canada’s premier solar education center!

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⦁ 4 – Days
⦁ Total Class time = 35 hrs

Introduction to Photovoltaics
⦁ Discuss different solar technologies commonly available within the North American market
⦁ Develop an understanding of terms that will be used within the course drawn from both the CEC as well as industry
⦁ Discuss electrical generation systems that are currently employed on both large and small scale
⦁ Introduce the equipment used in the grid-tie sector of PV installation
⦁ Discuss the viability of alternative energy in our marketplace
⦁ Introduce the types of systems that electricians may be working on such as residential, commercial, large-scale production for profit, off-grid
⦁ Discuss common loads in homes or business that can be minimized in order to reduce consumption and boost viability of self-generation
⦁ Discuss concepts and benefits of point-of-use production
⦁ Understand parameters for testing, certification, and rating PV modules

Current equipment used for grid tie. Off-grid as well as the Marine/RV sectors
⦁ Explain the certification systems that we look for and consider our electrical code requirements
⦁ Develop a full understanding of a micro inverter and how it is used in a PV array
⦁ Develop a full understanding of a string inverter and how it is used in a PV array
⦁ Understand racking systems available
⦁ Introduce remote disconnecting methods for string inverters
⦁ Introduce wire-way systems used to gain access to the building

System design calculations to achieve the goals of your customers
⦁ Discuss variables that affect production of panels
⦁ Explain the calculation of outputs and rating of panels
⦁ Consider losses in the circuit
⦁ Explain solar production capabilities based on location
⦁ Discuss temperature coefficients and how temperature affects the system
⦁ Discuss sizing and how to make sure maximum and minimum input requirements are met
⦁ Consider the importance of planning based on coldest day and warmest day
⦁ Revisit line-loss and consider the calculations and its effect on generation
⦁ Discuss shading, angle and series vs parallel hook up of panels

CEC requirements
⦁ Discuss Section 64 of CEC and review some of the more particular codes pertaining to grid-tie components
⦁ Discuss bonding and grounding and where they differ
⦁ Discuss particular equipment that exists to facilitate appropriate bonding
⦁ Discuss disconnecting means
⦁ Discuss safety components

  • July 22, 2019 - July 26, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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