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SolarNinjas Energy Solutions Ltd.

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Journeyman Electrician on staff:
  • Journeyman Electrician on Staff
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  • Master Electrician on Staff
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  • Professional Engineer on Staff
Contact Information
Edmonton, AB T5J 1B9, Canada, Alberta
Phone: 7809209120
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We are a full service electrical contractor focusing on Photovoltaics, Electric Vehicle infrastructure, and service (mains) work but can and will be happy to handle any and all electrical related work required.

SolarNinjas operates on principles of 'ethical business'.  We believe in custom treatment for each site & client, specialized service, transparent billing and superior work ethic. If we are doing a small lighting upgrade or panel swap to a major solar energy installation our expectation is that it will be done fairly, promptly, and to a high standard.

We utilize the highest trained, most experienced certified tradespeople in the province and can scale to the size of the job as needed.

SOME OF OUR VALUES (From our website at Http://Www.SolarNinjas.Energy)

The renewable energy market is a community in Alberta, filled with passionate & talented people.  We bring the honesty and honour of an idealistic young company together with our seasoned contracting and trades experience. This will ensure our clients receive an expert, professional experience with a level of upfront clarity & passion not often found in contracting but more in line with our modern values.  We're here to do it, but to do it everyone.
Quality crafstmanship & time spent doing the job WELL, not just correctly.There is no such thing as "looks fine from the road" but up close it's broken.  While building efficiency and performance into our work is important, we will not rush through and risk turning over an inferior product. This is on OUR bottom line, not yours.
A benefit to Alberta for the future. We use CERTIFIED tradespeople.We will not save a dime by sacrificing the future. Everyone who works with us is a certified journeyman red seal electrician or apprentice with a specific interest in this type of work. We find this reduces costs long term and ensures higher quality, while providing a career level employment opportunity for others going forward in the trade. This is an important distinction between us and many other contractors in this industry. Always ask, "Do you use certified trades? Can I see your ticket please?" We are proud of ours. Please ask.

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