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Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.

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SIC Certified Bronze:
  • SIC Certified Bronze
SIC Certified Silver:
  • SIC Certified Silver
CSA Solar Certificate:
  • CSA Solar Certificate
Journeyman Electrician on staff:
  • Journeyman Electrician on Staff
Master Electrician on staff:
  • Master Electrician on Staff
Professional Engineer on staff:
  • Professional Engineer on Staff
Contact Information
#10 Reinhardt Business Park, Highway 16, RR14, Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 3B4
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Tarpon provides innovative Solar PV solutions that are cost effective, scalable and fit-for-purpose. Our team has completed solar power projects across Western Canada and the USA. Since 2003, Tarpon has built a solid reputation for safety, quality, reliability and technical expertise that our clients have come to expect. We focus on solar solutions for: municipal, commercial, residential, industrial and remote applications. Our team will ensure your transition to green energy is seamless.

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