Our SIC handbook was created from the certification workbook we used when we taught the SIC & CSA certification courses. This new SIC Handbook replaces the workbook. Designed for visual learners and taught in a basic format so even beginners to advanced can learn quickly.
This book is packed full of color and graphical wire diagrams, kit designs, charts, worksheets, products, and specs. We cover a broad range of technology, including grid-tie, off-grid and recreational mobile solar.



This book is a must if you want to learn all about solar in Canada!


  •  Grid-Tie Systems
  •  Off-Grid Systems
  • RV Systems
  • Introduction to Solar
  • System Sizing
  • Interpreting The Canadian Electrical Code
  • WorkSheets & Diagrams
  • SIC Install Instructions

Learning solar has never been so easy!

We give you the step-by-step installation diagrams to build systems to code.

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