SIC Courses

Certification Packages


Bronze level SIC certification shows proficiency in the fundamental basics of solar technology

Certificate Requirements:


Silver level SIC certification demonstrates the ability to professionally size and install solar systems

Certificate Requirements:


Gold level SIC certification displays complete knowledge of solar installation and a commitment to perfection

Certificate Requirements:

Individual Courses

Introduction to Solar$195.00

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  • 1 day course with 6 hours of class time
  • Learn the basic concepts of solar
  • Determine if solar is right for your home or RV


System Sizing$395.00

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  • 2 day course with 12 hours of class time
  • The first step in of the solar industry
  • Confidently size solar systems for yourself and your clients


Solar Workshop$395.00

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  • 1 day course with 8 hours of hands-on time
  • Explore the concepts of angles, shading and series/parallel
  • Hands on testing to understand the output of panels
  • Link parallel and series circuits together to monitor production
  • Learn how to hook up batteries
battery workshop

Hands-On RV Install$795.00

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  • Real install of a PV array on top of our RV in the SIC Learning Centre
  • From beginning to end, perform the install as a group
  • Small class sizes make for plenty of hands on learning opportunities


Hands-On Grid-Tie$795.00

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  • Full hands on-grid tie installation at our indoor facility in Calgary
  • Hook up both string and micro inverters
  • Install on our one of a kind elevated roof



Hands-On Off-GridCOMING SOON

  • Full hands on installation of an off-grid system
  • Learn how to hook up the entire system, from panels to inverters by doing yourself
  • Learn the required maintenance to keep this off grid system working for years to come